Churches and Eggs

In honour of Easter Sunday, here are some unusual churches and worship spaces, and to also pay homage to the more common celebration of Easter Sunday, we have some egg shaped buildings!

1. Bruder Klaus Field Chapel - Peter Zumthor

This the most amazing space - it was made by forming the outside concrete formwork normally but the inside was formed by 112 tree trunks laid like a tent.   When the concrete set they burnt the logs, resulting in the beautiful black corrugated walls you see.   The glinting lights are glass inserts into the formwork bolt holes.    Photos from and full articles at archdaily and dezeen

2. Church of the Light - Todao Ando

It's hard to think of someone who plays with light and form better than Todao Ando.   This church from 1989 strips away all the ornamentation associated with churches, and creates a simple beautiful space.   It inspires the kind of awe that people used to feel from the scale of churches centuries ago.   

3. Notre Dame du Ronchamp - Le Corbusier

When this church was built in 1954 it was completely outside of anything that had come before it and still defies categorisation.   It's sculptural and starkly beautiful form provides a meditative space that sparks wonder without the traditional ornamentation found in most churches

4. National Grand Theatre of China - Paul Andreu

Built in 2008 this mammoth ellipsoid spans 165m in 1 direction and 44m in the other.   It houses a concert hall, an opera hall and a theatre.   Photos and full article from archdaily

5. The treetop walk in Germany - Josef Stoeger

The highlight of the treetop walk is the 44 meter high tree tower, which is unique not only due to its delicate architectural form, but also in the way it is constructed over and around three ancient, impressive and up to 38 meter high spruces and beech trees. The ramp winds its way up around the trees for over 500 meters and offers unusual insights into the life and development of the three giants.

As a bonus - the same national park in Germany has a big slide! 

6. Hemloft treehouse - Joel Allen


Its an egg shaped treehouse.   Enough said.   More info here