Love Shacks / Beach Shacks

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When our clients came to us a few years ago with a desire to build as an investment for their future, we thought no plan could be more foolproof.   It would be straightforward to do medium density residential development in Sawtell right near the beach.

The twist came of course, when they told us they would like to retain the 'beach cottage' style, and create single rise pitched roof detached dwellings.   With only 790 sqm to work with, comfortably fitting three discrete residences was a challenge.   They wanted a permanent residence for themselves- which they affectionately referred to as the “Love Shack”, and properties for rental which they would call the Beach Shacks.

We designed a 3 bedroom 'Love Shack' based on the original home on the property.   We used high ceilings and a split level design to create a beautiful feeling of space, incorporated a lap pool and an outdoor living area in a courtyard, and achieved privacy despite the higher level buildings on both sides and the proximity of the new rental accommodation.    The Kitchen, Living and Main bedroom were arrayed around the pool and are very luxurious.

The Beach Shacks are a great hit with those who have stayed so far, with a simple open plan living area, 2 bedrooms and mini laundry.   The steep roof pitch gives a great feeling of space and yet provides a wonderful sense of privacy.

We used many interesting technologies in this build, particularly the permeable paving by adbri masonry which reduced the amount of concrete required on site and cleaned the rainwater and put it back into the soil rather than into the stormwater system.


The builder Jay Webber was an excellent partner in this enterprise, going above and beyond the call of duty with his top quality tradesmen to get the work done on time.

The great landscape design was devised by Garry Murray of Redbelly landscape design, and expertly completed and adjusted to the inevitably changing on site conditions by Jesse McFarlane and his team from Dragonfly Landscapes.