North Sapphire Zego House

Residence| New

Our client was referred to us by the makers of a building product- Zego.  

Zego specialise in manufacturing interlocking polystyrene blocks which when core-filled with concrete and reinforcing provide a strong and insulated construction material suited to many domestic and commercial projects. g2 used Zego in the construction of our own office and residence in Sawtell, and since have been involved in the design of several other Zego constructed residences in the local region.

The North Sapphire Zego House was to be sited in the prestige lots in a new development in the North Sapphire Beach Estate. Our brief was to create a large residence with discrete bedroom / living circulation so as to allow potential for future use of the building as a Bed and Breakfast.

Excitingly for our g2 design team, our client wished to experiment with building technologies and materials that are unusual for the region.   These include

-          Zego- polystyrene blocks

-          Ritek Roofing-

-          uPVC double glazed windows

The ambitious brief for this project required a lot of program to be fitted onsite- two garages, a carport, five bedrooms all with ensuites, the master bedroom with a retreat and a private balcony, and a pool. Additionally, large sections of the residence needed to be accessible by wheelchair.

Despite these challenges both our client and the g2 team were happy with the final design.