An 'Architect' is Born

Oliver is now an Architect!

It only took seven years of university, two degrees, ten years of industry experience, (some procrastination), and an APE, but g2 is proud to announce that Oliver Gee is now a registered Architect.

Previously operating as a "Graduate Architect", Oliver can now legally use the title "Architect", can undertake projects without supervision, and can provide services on large multi-story developments.

For those of you who are interested THE NSW ARCHITECTS REGISTRATION BOARD tells us that the use of the title "architect" is strictly regulated. In order to be deemed an architect a person must have: achieved a university qualification in architecture (or equivalent); logged a minimum of 3300 hours of supervised work experience covering each mandatory competency; pass the Architectural Practice Examination; and attain approval from the Registration Board.  

We are very proud of Oliver for this impressive achievement, and look forward to his architectural future.   


Oliver Gee- Registered Architect 16 November 2016

Oliver Gee- Registered Architect 16 November 2016