g2 is A+

g2 is pleased to have qualified as an A+ Practice with the Australian Institute of Architects.

Our upgrade to an A+ membership category is good for us as well as being good for our clients.

As a client of our A+ practice, you can be assured that all architectural staff in our office have the relevant qualifications to be providing you with architectural design services, and that we continuously seek to be up to date with the latest standards, practices and products by undertaking Professional Development.

With all architects in the g2 office qualifying for A+ status, g2 now has access to a range of practice resources including Acumen, the Environment Design Guide, Standards Australia and HR+. This means that we can do our job more effectively for you.

As the Institute states, “A+ is about a whole of workplace commitment to best practice, the Institute and the future of the architectural profession”.

Why not bring your next architectural design challenge to g2 architects and experience the A+ advantage for yourself?