g2 architects like to THINK BRICK

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g2 architects were proud to enter the gorgeous permeable paving featured in our Love Shack project for the 2018 Think Brick Awards. Congratulations to adbri masonry, Dragonfly Landscapes, Jay Webber, and Redbelly for a truly fantastic result!

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29 FOURTH AVE 0072.jpg

The Love Shacks / Beach Shacks project consists of two holiday cottages, and a main residence situated in the beachside village of Sawtell, Northern NSW.

Designed to provide the clients with uncompromising luxury and privacy in their own home, while incorporating two additional holiday-let cottages for income, this project required architectural and technological ingenuity. On a 790sqm site underpinned by dunes, comfortably fitting three discrete residences that would perform well in a sub-tropical climate was a challenge.

Many interesting technologies were employed in this build, particularly the permeable paving by adbri masonry. Permeable paving directed storm water back into the aquifer, reducing the size of the retention pit and minimizing runoff. The pavers are functional allowing drainage into the dune while providing the necessary rigidity for driveways and pathways. Adbri’s permeable pavers add character consistent with a beach aesthetic and have been used in the paving of the outdoor shower- ready for a post-swim rinse.

The appeal of the Beach Shacks speaks to the dedication of the project team- architectural design by g2 architects, construction by Jay Webber, landscape design by Redbelly and Dragonfly Landscapes, a vision for the cottages nurtured by wonderful clients, and permeable paving by adbri masonry.