g2's ATRIUM wins HIA Housing Awards- A Triumph for EJ & PG Horspool Builders

g2 architects Pty Ltd. bestow congratulations, accolades and a rousing round of applause on EJ & PG Horspool for their masterful construction and completion of the Atrium Residence in Sapphire Beach. 

Atrium Residence, a stunning modular beach-house in Sapphire Beach, represents a collaboration between g2 architects, Natural Habitat Interiors and Design, Garden Expressions, and award winning builder Eric Horspool from EJ & PJ Horspool Builders.

For their construction of the project EJ & PJ Horspool Builders were awarded:

2017 HIA Northern NSW Custom Built Home $1,000,001 to $2,500,000

2017 HIA Northern NSW Custom Built Home of the Year

2017 HIA Northern NSW Home of the Year

g2 congratulate all contractors involved in project completion including Owen Lewis Carpentry, Dave Williams Carpentry, and others.

The Atrium project showcased a high level of workmanship and design. We consider it a triumph of collaboration between professionals and truly wonderful clients.